5 Ways to Lower Your PR | Marketing | Advertising Budget

One result of the recession is that the budgets of most organizations became lean. Even after cash started flowing again, most budgets remained lean forcing staff to do more with less.

Here are a few creative ways to work within a tight public relations | marketing | advertising budget:

  1. Improve the organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website: Quit trying to cram 10 keywords into every page. Instead, try for the one page, one keyword. Next, include your keyword in your title tag, once, then mention your keyword in the beginning of your content. Finally, include internal links to important pages to help users find more information on your site.
  2. Grow your email list, then keep people engaged. First, choose your email platform. If you are just starting out, consider Constant Contact or MailChimp. They are easy to use and cost very little. Next, work on creating valuable content.
  3. Perfect your use of PR. Thanks to online distribution services, you can transform your press release into a stand-alone news site with global access. The trick is to embed keywords, write a compelling story, come up with a catchy headline and a call to action.
  4. Create a social media strategy. Many business owners have a solid grasp of the benefits of social media, but don’t understand how to fully harness its power to help meet business goals. Real uses include: reputation monitoring, branding, building customer loyalty, SEO benefits and website referral traffic.
  5. Tell your story.  According to industry expert Sonia Simone, “Content marketing is the strategic creation of text, imagery, audio, or video that delivers a relevant, interesting message to a customer or prospect, while at the same time paving the way for a sale.” Content marketing runs the gambit, from the way your employees talk to customers, the way you treat suppliers, Facebook and Twitter posts to blog posts. When you are telling your company’s story, hire a writer who is an artist, who can tell a good story that will move your audience.

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