The Marketing Snowball Effect — Mass and Momentum

You are the owner of a small business. You are frugal and watch expenses carefully, and you make the decision to invest in marketing, knowing that an investment in marketing is an investment in your future. Perhaps you choose a Google AdWords campaign, Facebook advertising or hire someone to write content for your website.  You put a well thought out plan in place that is in alignment with your mission, your vision, and your values. Now you wait.

At this point, we see many business owners and managers become discouraged. The calls do not flood in. The clients do not line up. Some people put a stop to the marketing campaigns altogether, but some of you hold on and slowly calls come in, clients line up and business grows.

We like to call this the “snowball effect”.  At first, your marketing impact is tiny and insubstantial, but slowly it picks up mass through search engine optimization, a growing fan base, word of mouth referrals, and with each impact more speed and power.

Marketing efforts are like that snowball rolling down the hill. Be patient, be consistent and keep working your plan and your business will grow and prosper.

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