No time to blog? Substitute your Facebook news feed…it’s easy!

We’re all guilty of starting a blog, hoping to improve SEO or simply share news and information with our customers, and then forgetting to post. We’re busy! However, whenever I look at a company’s blog and the last post was a few months (or years!) ago, I cringe. It is better to take the blog down and bring it back when you have time for weekly or monthly posts.

One way around this is to install a plugin–I used Feed Them Social— on your website that inserts your social media feed right into your blog page. This is different from the widget that appears in the sidebar.

Take a look at one of my client’s website, Mark Schreck Concrete Designs and click on News.  They were torn between using the Instagram feed and the Facebook feed, but we chose Facebook because it reads more like blog posts.

It is a great way to share new information with customers who may not use your social media platform. Talk to your website administrator about this option. I’ve done it for clients and it takes minutes. I still recommend regular blog posts, but if that is not an option, consider a social media feed.

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