The 7 Elements of Storytelling

Typewriter Small ImageWe recently attended the Public Relations Society of America’s #CHANGEMAKERS conference in Seattle, Washington.

The conference was packed with incredible information, and one of the first keynote talks was presented by the funny and charming Oliver Roll, Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officer at Cisco.

To say that he only gave us this would be false, he gave us so much more. In fact, he asked a great question, “What is your soul work?” and he also asked, “What is your drudge work?” Answer these questions, then figure out how you can do your soul work most of your day.

Now, on to the great information that he shared at PRSA and that Tamika Pearman shared today at the 2018 INSPIRE Women’s Business Conference in Lacey, Washington.

  1. Forge the Foundation
  2. Grab Attention
  3. Establish Setting
  4. Heroes, Villians & Characters
  5. Build the Tension
  6. Deliver the Turning Point
  7. Communicate the Outcome

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