Mosaic Marketing Studio is the Agency of Record for the Olympia Tumwater Foundation

Mosaic Marketing Studio is pleased to announce that we’ve been selected to provide ongoing marketing and communications support to the Olympia Tumwater Foundation as an independent contractor.

Olympia Tumwater FoundationThe Olympia Tumwater Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity established by the Schmidt family and the Olympia Brewing Company, is the steward of Tumwater Falls Park and has awarded over $1.8 million in scholarships to local students. In 1983, the Foundation acquired Tumwater’s Schmidt House. The Schmidt house was built in 1904  for Olympia Brewing Company founder Leopold Schmidt and his wife Johanna. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Tumwater Register of Historic Places and is within the Tumwater Historic District.

Mosiac Marketing Studio offers smart communications to nonprofits and small businesses throughout the Olympia area. We specialize in embedding ourselves within organizations to fulfill all marketing and communications needs–as an alternative to hiring a full-time person or department.

Mosaic Marketing Studio is agency of record for United Way of Thurston County

Mosaic Marketing Studio is pleased to announce that we’ve been selected to provide ongoing marketing and communications support to the United Way of Thurston County as an independent contractor.

Mosiac Marketing Studio offers smart communications to nonprofits and small businesses throughout the Olympia area. We specialize in embedding ourselves within organizations to fulfill all marketing and communications needs–as an alternative to hiring a full-time person or department.

From Intern to Employee: Mosaic Marketing Studio Hires Tamika Pearman, MBA

Mosaic Marketing Studio is pleased to announce the addition of Tamika Pearman to the Olympia-based team. Pearman worked as a marketing intern at Mosaic throughout the past year while finishing her master’s degree at Saint Martin’s University (SMU).

Pearman completed her MBA work at SMU in December and officially joined Mosaic as an employee in March 2017. She is ‘first chief officer of digital media’ and will manage social media marketing for over a dozen of Mosaic’s clients and specializes in all forms of digital media marketing.

“Tamika is a hard-working professional, a fast learner—especially adept at understanding new technology—and is the most fun person to be around,” said Mosaic’s owner, Natasha Ashenhurst. “Her work as an intern played a significant role in our success last year, and we are honored she chose Mosaic after graduation.”

Ashenhurst and Pearman met while working on their MBAs together at SMU and enjoyed collaborating on class projects. When Pearman heard of an opening at Mosaic, she jumped at the chance to join the boutique marketing and communications firm.

In addition to her MBA, Pearman has a BA in Political Science from the University of Washington and she recently received her Green Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma.
Pearman enjoys spending time with her family, live music and traveling to unique places. She is passionate about marketing and is excited about being the newest member of Mosaic Marketing Studio.

Natasha Ashenhurst founded Mosaic Marketing Studio in 2013, and the firm specializes in strategic communications for smaller businesses and nonprofits.

Why Boutique Marketing Firms Give Brands the Biggest Bang for Their Bucks

We totally agree with this Huffington Post article. You’ll see why…

Marketing is not the same industry it was ten or even five years ago. The business is moving away from traditional tactics, such as billboards and commercials, to much more unique and cutting-edge strategies like Twitter campaigns and grassroots events. Boutique agencies, known for their small teams and niche expertise, have sprouted all over the country to accommodate brands’ more distinctive needs.

Though these firms have been behind many major marketing successes, they still get a bad rap with big brands for being too small and inexperienced. But big is not always better when it comes to choosing a marketing firm for a business.

Continue reading here. 

Who is your primary customer?

We are reading an excellent book called The Seven Strategy Questions by Robert Simons.

Who is your primary customer? That is the first of seven strategy questions posed by Simons.

Can you answer this deceptively simple question? Spend some time thinking about it. Once the answer is clear, the bulk of your business’s resources should be spent on attracting and retaining this customer.

Zero Moment of Truth

Still not convinced about the need for content marketing?

I encourage you to read Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), a Google book. Check it out here.

Here’s Google’s blurb about ZMOT, “Whether we’re shopping for corn flakes, concert tickets or a honeymoon in Paris, the Internet has changed how we decide what to buy. At Google, we call this online decision-making moment the Zero Moment of Truth — or simply ZMOT.”

ZMOT is the information we can access about a product prior to buying. Today, consumers consult over 10 reviews or data points before making an informed decision about what to buy. Where do they get this information? From online reviews, blogs, company websites, social media and word of mouth. We are a sharing society and we love to tell others about our experiences.

What does that mean for your business? Make sure you have the basics covered! Every business needs a Facebook page, and increasingly an Instagram feed. You need to have a listing on Google My Business, Yelp and as many search engines as you can. Let people see images of your product. Share, share, share! Content marketing is where it’s at, folks–and we can help.

Mosaic Marketing Studio is a marketing and communications company located in Olympia, Washington. 

No time to blog? Substitute your Facebook news feed…it’s easy!

We’re all guilty of starting a blog, hoping to improve SEO or simply share news and information with our customers, and then forgetting to post. We’re busy! However, whenever I look at a company’s blog and the last post was a few months (or years!) ago, I cringe. It is better to take the blog down and bring it back when you have time for weekly or monthly posts.

One way around this is to install a plugin–I used Feed Them Social— on your website that inserts your social media feed right into your blog page. This is different from the widget that appears in the sidebar.

Take a look at one of my client’s website, Mark Schreck Concrete Designs and click on News.  They were torn between using the Instagram feed and the Facebook feed, but we chose Facebook because it reads more like blog posts.

It is a great way to share new information with customers who may not use your social media platform. Talk to your website administrator about this option. I’ve done it for clients and it takes minutes. I still recommend regular blog posts, but if that is not an option, consider a social media feed.

Improve SEO | One Post, One Listing, One Tweet at a time

Here’s the thing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A high search ranking takes time, but not in the way you’d think.

Rather, it involves doing all the things your SEO experts tell you to do, including daily social media posts, weekly blogging, and e-newsletters. SEO is about taking the time to add your business to Yelp, Google My Business and your local Chamber of Commerce directory. It involves link-backs, tags, and SEO plug-ins, but when you add it all up, it really only takes a few minutes a few times a week.

I challenge you to try it for 45 days, 15 minutes a day. Before you start, make a note of your business ranking. When the 45 days are up, take another look. You’ll love the results.

Here’s a checklist:

  • Facebook posts three or four times a week
  • If Instagram is right for your business, post three or four pictures a week
  • Twitter is great for organizations that need publicity and to stay on the media’s radar
  • Make sure your business is on Yelp, Google My Business and any other directories that are applicable.
  • Blog a minimum of once per week
  • Is your business listed on LinkedIn? If not, why not?

Pokemon Go is driving foot traffic to small businesses

Take a look at this story published in Inc. Magazine

“The speed at which Pokemon Go has spread is unprecedented. Less than a week after launch, this augmented reality mobile exploration game has been installed on twice as many phones as Tinder, it has double the engagement of Snapchat, and it is eclipsing Twitter in its percentage of daily active users.

People are spending so much time journeying around looking for Pokemon that getting sore legs from playing for hours on end has practically become its own meme.

Smart businesses have caught on too. As Pokemon Go users traverse their towns in search of Pokemon, local stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and other businesses are capitalizing on this massive opportunity, driving huge amounts of foot traffic and conversions both with simple in-app purchases and creative marketing campaigns.

To start turning the ambulating gamers around you into your new best customers, all you need is to know how to play the game. Here’s how:” Read the rest of the story here.


Build a WordPress Website

While we’d love to build your new website, there are a lot of great resources out there to help you build one on your own, with very little experience. Here is an excellent tutorial to help  you through the process.