11 Rules of Crisis Communication

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Mosaic Marketing Studio attended Public Relations Society of America’s #PRSAGameChangers conference at the Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle, Washington. It was an amazing conference bursting with useful and inspiring information.

The funniest — and perhaps most serious —  talk was by Matt McKenna of Greenbrier. He is a public relations guru, having worked with the Clintons and Uber.

Here are McKenna’s 11 rules of Crisis Communication:

1. Don’t defend the unknown.
2. Facts don’t need spin. The name of the game is transparency and honesty.
3. FACT: Bad things happen on weekends, holidays and when the weather is nice.
4. We all do windows. We all do floors. = In the midst of a crisis, it is all hands on deck.
5. Don’t answer questions based on hypotheticals. It is ok to say, “I’m not prepared/ready to answer that question right now. Can I get back to you?”
6. Saying, “Don’t quote me on this,” really means, “Scoop incoming!”
7. The media is a terrible lens through which to tell your story.  The Obama administration, for example, turned to YouTube, blogs, etc.
8. Don’t repeat the negative. We all know the famous example, “I am not a crook.” Currently, it is Nikki Haley, “I am not confused.” People will keep repeating the negative statement. Instead, state the positive.
9. Never* use your principle to deliver the bad news unless they are exceptionally good with media. *The exception is when your principle is very good with media. He used the Starbuck’s CEO apologizing for the Philly incident as someone who got it right.
10. Withholding information almost always gets organizations/people into trouble. It is better to give information as it comes in, “Here’s what we know so far…”
11. Apologize. People love to get into a fight. An honest apology shuts it down. People are disappointed. They move on to the next topic. His example of an honest apology was Jonah Hill’s apology on Jimmy Fallon. His example of how NOT to apologize is BP CEO Tony Hayward’s, “I want my life back,” statement.
Bonus: Plan ahead for the bad stuff. Create templates that we can use in the event of…

Mosaic Marketing Studio Hires Doria Maselli as Chief Content Creator

Mosaic Marketing Studio is pleased to announce the addition of Doria Maselli to the Olympia-based team as Chief Content Creator.

Maselli has over 10 years of professional marketing, communications, and public relations experience.

Her professional positions have included corporate, healthcare, and real estate/development marketing positions, as well as extensive project management experience. Additionally, she has been involved in a corporate rebranding and repositioning effort, launching a company’s social media platform, and interacting regularly with senior level executives.

She is passionate about making connections between an organization and its audience and communicating its motives, ideals, and goals to the public. She enjoys crafting the perfect story for the appropriate audience and writing feature stories and profiles as well as local community relations initiatives.

She is so pleased for the opportunity to work with and support local non-profits and community organizations at Mosaic. Originally from Massachusetts, Maselli has a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications with a public relations concentration from Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts.

In her free time, she enjoys writing, traveling, spending time in nature, and cooking. She is passionate about environmental and conservation causes, and also an avid Boston sports fan.

6 Easy Steps for Writing and Submitting a Press Release

Every business has news that is worthy of a news release or press release, but most of us just don’t realize it, or have the time to craft one.

Here are six easy steps to get you started:

  1. Pick your topic: Do you have a new hire? New product? New location? Philanthropic activity? Award? Survey results? Milestone? Please keep your news release to “newsworthy” topics, not sales.
  2. Develop your media list: The first time you do this it will take a while, but then you have a list to build upon. Think local first, then include a few regional players. Don’t forget your local chamber.
  3. Get your reader’s attention with a great headline and sub-title.
  4. Include a quote from your company’s president or spokesperson.
  5. Include an image! Please. Trust us on this one.
  6. Post it to your website or blog. 

If you would like to receive a free news release template, send an email to info@mosaicmarketingstudio