Marketing Checklist

We love helping businesses develop a robust marketing strategy. From a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence to web design and direct mail, we’ll help you get started!

When we sit down to sketch a plan, there are a few things we’ll need in order to get started. In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Logo. If you have a logo, we’ll need it in the highest resolution possible in as many variations as you have. Vertical, horizontal, square, rectangle, color, grayscale and transparent. If you do not have a logo, we can help.
  2. Brand Toolkit: Do you have a preferred font? Color scheme? If not, why not? Let us help you develop your brand toolkit or style guide. A little work now will save you hours of future frustration.
  3. USP: We recently worked with a client who had her Unique Selling Proposition ready to go. This helped us develop a marketing strategy that promoted her strengths.
  4. Business Plan: We do not need to see your 24-page business plan, but a one-page overview is incredibly helpful.
  5. Keyword Analysis: Here is a powerful tool to help you develop a keyword analysis for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

Once we have these tools in place, we can develop a marketing strategy that, at its foundation, includes a website/blog, social media presence and e-mail marketing, and then move into advertising.