Marketing Checklist

We love helping businesses develop a robust marketing strategy. From a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence to web design and direct mail, we’ll help you get started!

When we sit down to sketch a plan, there are a few things we’ll need in order to get started. In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Logo. If you have a logo, we’ll need it in the highest resolution possible in as many variations as you have. Vertical, horizontal, square, rectangle, color, grayscale and transparent. If you do not have a logo, we can help.
  2. Brand Toolkit: Do you have a preferred font? Color scheme? If not, why not? Let us help you develop your brand toolkit or style guide. A little work now will save you hours of future frustration.
  3. USP: We recently worked with a client who had her Unique Selling Proposition ready to go. This helped us develop a marketing strategy that promoted her strengths.
  4. Business Plan: We do not need to see your 24-page business plan, but a one-page overview is incredibly helpful.
  5. Keyword Analysis: Here is a powerful tool to help you develop a keyword analysis for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

Once we have these tools in place, we can develop a marketing strategy that, at its foundation, includes a website/blog, social media presence and e-mail marketing, and then move into advertising.



6 Easy Steps for Writing and Submitting a Press Release

Every business has news that is worthy of a news release or press release, but most of us just don’t realize it, or have the time to craft one.

Here are six easy steps to get you started:

  1. Pick your topic: Do you have a new hire? New product? New location? Philanthropic activity? Award? Survey results? Milestone? Please keep your news release to “newsworthy” topics, not sales.
  2. Develop your media list: The first time you do this it will take a while, but then you have a list to build upon. Think local first, then include a few regional players. Don’t forget your local chamber.
  3. Get your reader’s attention with a great headline and sub-title.
  4. Include a quote from your company’s president or spokesperson.
  5. Include an image! Please. Trust us on this one.
  6. Post it to your website or blog. 

If you would like to receive a free news release template, send an email to info@mosaicmarketingstudio